Fandango Mobile Ticket Purchase Usability Test

Webap Mobile Interactive Prototype

Sample Test User - Registered User

Sample Test User - Guest Account

User Reasearch Plan word doc icon

User Reasearch Findings excel icon

Citysearch Business Profile Page Redesign

Online Interactive Prototype

Map and Directions Usability Study Results excel icon

Map and Directions Usability Study Recommendations word doc icon

Rate and Review Usability Study Test Plan word doc icon

Rate and Review Usability Study Test Script word doc icon

Rate and Review Recommendations word doc icon

Citygrid Developer(Publisher) Center

Reporting Tool Dashboard Wireframes pdf icon

Citysearch Rate and Review Flow for Mobile and Web

Rate and Review Flow Mobile pdf icon

Rate and Review Flow Web pdf icon

Citysearch Registration Redesign w/ Facebook Connect Integration

Registration Flow and Screens pdf icon

Citysearch Claim Your Business Redesign

Online Interactive Competitive Analysis

Registration Flow png icon and Registration Screen Mocks pdf icon

Wire Frames for Merchant Account Management Application Dashboard pdf icon

Citygrid Merchant Account Management

Interactive Flow Diagram (Analysis of Existing Application) zip icon

Citygrid Reseller New Account Acquisition

Process Flow png icon

Other Samples Usability Study

Spec Design for Travel Retail Store pdf icon

Nations Info Completive Analysis pdf icon

Download HTML-CSS Code Sample zip icon

Download AJAX Code Sample zip icon

Cross Platform Responsive Web Design

Work-in-Progress Single Page Bootstrap Scroll Site for Eco Auto Solutions, the SHIFT-65

Susan Oslin Portfolio Site -Wires

Susan Oslin Portfolio Site- Design Comps (Design Directed, graphic design by John Coleman)