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go directly to login page from 'Merchant MyAccount' link in footer

(link also found in footer on citygridmedia.com)
can only access through "Owner-verified listing" link on places page (BPP), takes you directly to login page
if already logged into that account (standard google account, they make no disctinction as other providers do that have specific merchant accounts that are distinct for personal profiles) then you will go directly to the listings/dashboard page
you can login directly from 'Google Home' to your 'Google Account Settings' then to 'Google Places' (see Account Info below for entire flow)
"Go to Yelp for Business Owners" link in header takes you directly to login page
2 step process from "Business Owners" link in footer

2 step process starting with "Add or edit this business information" on BPP
3 step process starting with 'Advertise with us" on main nav and in footer

if logged into site, clicking on merchant link takes you directly to listing page no, takes you to login page (but site user profile and merchant profile share the same profile data) yes, all one account two disctinct accounts, merchant account login does not work on site as personal profile two disctinct accounts, merchant account login does not work on site as personal profile
Navigation Top tabs
  • Management
    • Business Locations
    • Offers
  • Reports
  • Admin
    • Account Settings
    • Notifications
  • Help
    • General Help
    • User Review FAQ

really doesn't have a navigation, acces to majority of features through the dashbiard detail page

Top tabs
  • Dashboard
    (shared between listing/dashboard overview and dashboard detail - but links to default listing page)
  • Offers
Left side accordian
  • Your Businesses
    • Recent Activity
    • Offers
    • Announcements
    • Reviews
    • Yelp Ads
    • Offers
    • Business Information
    • Photos
    • Messaging
    • Billing
  • Account Information
  • Business Owners Guide
    • Using Yelp for Business Owners
    • Responding to Reviews
    • Common Questions
    • Advertising on Yelp
this is such a disaster I'm not going to bother trying to describe it, essentially there is none and what does exist goes away when you drill down into the first level. ???
Listings page label Management > Business Locations Dashboard (link back from dashboard detail is labeled 'locations') NA My Account > Listing Manager
default landing page login takes you to the dashboard, not the listings page login takes you to listing page that has a dashboard summary - nice composite view (shares a tab labeled 'Dashboard' with dashboard detail page) default view has the top listing open to dashboard view There are essentially two listing pages, the main 'My Acccount' page includes a few other functions like acount information, the 'Listing Manager' page has additional listing details
Dashboard label Home Dashboard (tab shared for both listing/dashboard overview page and dashboard detail page) Recent Activity X
dashboard just a teaser - rather confusing because it shows a lot of stuff and allow user to interact but doesn't actually do anything

this is pretty much the root of the entire application from which you get to everything else (links throughout the page, mostly right rail)

  • plots page views and actions
  • allows you to enter any time range
  • breaks down what the actions were
  • plots on a map where the driving directions were requested from by zip code
  • page views by month or by week
  • indicates months with or without advertising
Biz profile label Management > Business Locations > Profile edit link on listing page and dashboard detail page 'Your business info' Your Businesses > Business Information Listing Details > More Info (this is the edit 'more info' link)
biz profile every component edited on a separate page, but no way back to Profile page - only a 'Return to Business Summary' link which takes you back to listings page - labeled 'Business Locations' everything visible on a single scrollable page - all editing is inline every comxonent on a separate page, but easily accessed through left nav main page is a high level summary of location and phone, categories, listing type, more info, each having their own edit screen - no common nav, the only way to return to listing summary is the back button - similarly the only way to return to the main account listing page in an inline 'return' button at bottom of page
basic biz information labeled 'Listing Information' labeled 'Basic Information' labeled 'Basic Business Information' labeled 'Your Business'
business description labeled 'Business Description' labeled 'Specialties' labeled 'General Information'
additional details X
  • Additional Phone
  • service customers at their location?
  • areas served (distance or city, neighborhood)
  • addtional details (name/value pairs - unlimited?)
(inline on edit biz info page)
(secondary pages from 'Business Info' page)
  • Additional Phone
  • Biz name AKA
  • Products/Services
  • More Info Page Slogan?
  • Location Description
  • Associations
  • Amenities
  • Brands (text box)
  • Third Party Coupons
  • Customer Wi-fi
  • Customer Edits
(inline on edit biz info page)
offers one offer for CYB customers, unlimited for paying merchants offers integrated with mobile experience saves all previous offers for reference X
check-in offers X No, but integrated with mobile experience Yes X
website badges X X Yes X
special postings labeled 'posts' labeled 'announcements' X
tags X X X
QR code X Yes X X
respond to reviews X labeled 'Messaging X
social media Facebook
X X Facebook

(has url test link inline)

photos Yes Yes Yes X
owners photo can edit this in citysearch account, but no access in MyAccount X Yes X
videos allows links of up to 5 YouTube videos X X
hours X hours comp hours comp hours comp
payment methods X payment comp X payment comp
languages spoken X X X Yes
price range X X X Yes
year established X X Yes Yes
owner can edit categories? No Yes Yes, but on BPP because public can edit categories Yes
Account info label Admin


'My Account' -> 'Dashboard' -> 'Edit Personal Information'

Account Information
  • Business Account Information
  • Change Your Password
  • Email Notifications
Account Information Notification Preferences
account information basic contact information and password reset on single page display only, need to cloick to get to edit mode

'Settings' is the only link inside the Google Places app and it only has settings for email preferences.

To get to the actual account settings you need to go back out to 'Google Home' and sign in again and follow the flow: 'Google Home' -> 'Google Account Settings' (also referred to as 'My Account' and 'Google Account' ) -> 'Dashboard' -> 'Edit Personal Information'

directly to edit mode after several screens, but fields are blank -- you don't know what you are editing

does not allow for separate contact phone and address from business

has drop doown field for position (Owner, Manager, Employee, Customer Service)

can upload owner photo

really annoying to have to go back and forth between sections, why not just have 1 screen for editing?

each a seperate screen from main 'My Account'

email notifications
  • Performance Updates (stats)
  • Feature Announcements
  • Google Market Research
  • Special Offers
  • Newsletters
  • when someone reviews my biz
  • when an announcement expires
  • when a customer messages me
  • weekly email w/ info about how my business is doing
  • emails with new info bor biz owners
  • Required Notifications (checked and disabled)
  • News and Offers
  • Partner Offers
Tips/Tutorials Help

main nav item

"Improve your listing"

Links found on dashboard details page right rail (takes you to specific locations in google help docs)

"Business Owners Guide"

main nav item on left accordian (links provided here go to public facing 'Business Owner's Guide', there is a slightly different version on business owners page)

Need Help? Call 1-800-479-2977
add another listing        
Upgrade link

'Upgrade Today' button posted through out the application where features are turned off for CYB customers: Dashboard, Events, Reviews, Business Message, Offers, Reports, Notifications
'Advertise with Us' link in footer of CS; and 'Grow Your Business' button next to search box

link at bottom of page for:

  • Adwords
  • Google Base
  • Google Checkout


can also access through your general account page (same flow as above)


In the main nav 'Yelp Ads', also a link on the 'Recent Activity' dashboard: 'Grow your business. Advertise on Yelp'
in 'Business Owners Guide' -> 'Advertising on Yelp' with link that takes you to the 'Recent Activity' page (why not directly to the self enroll or atleast the 'Advertising on Yelp' page?)

'Advertise with Us' link in header and footer on yellowpages.com takes you to 'Advertising Solutions' page
there is a link in the footer for 'Small Business Advertising' that contains video testimonials for all of their products across media and a general advertising video intro
self enroll Self Enroll Flow Adwords Do it Yourself

Only available for 'Internet Listing' products, all other products require a sales rep.

This flow is currently broken. Have a call into customer service to see what's involved to get set up.

customer service live chat, email and phone available extensive online documentation (each app has its own)
  • checklist feature, keeps track of what you have read
  • well organized by topic
  • search confined to adwards help only
  • different paths for specific needs
  • blog, video, in-person classroom instruction
  • robust feedback tool
  • extremely difficult to contact a person - 4 step process for email only
  • follow up email with survey
no direct contact available, must fill out general contact us form that doesn't even have and option to advertising. ??

'Contact Us' link in header and button on top left of 'Advertising Solutions' page, provides phone numer and email according to zip code

telephone and email contact information, zip code is required - separate contact for sales, customer service, national advertisers

pay per click rate $1.65 $4.94 default
$2.14 average
minimum budget $300/month plus $19.95 listing fee no minimum, cost per click auction, can set max bid and max budget per day budget is determined by how many clicks a day you are willing to pay for, runs for length of your special offer or until you cancel it $86/month - $270/month
for self enroll 'Internet Listing' products only
what you get
  • tagline
  • trackable phone number
  • link to your website
  • weblinks (email, reservations, menu)
  • owner message
  • 3 bullet points
  • sponsored ads across Citygrid

see paid products below.

Although having an understanding of the entire Google lanscape would be useful, I think it makes the most sense to focus on Adwords as a 1 to 1 comparison to MyAccount as a starting point.

  • sponsored ad on SRP
  • sponsored ad on BPP?
  • enhanced listing?
    photo slideshow
    block ads
Internet Listings
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