Zag Multiple Partner Platform Baseline Usability Study
conducted independently © 2008 by Susan Oslin : (323) 664-3880 :

Choose New Car Redesign Wireframe

Wireframe of Revised Choose New Car Page

1) The flows for the new and used car are now congruent, the user may select and compare new and used cars at the same time. Although the details of the interface will adjust from new to used car selection, the flows are parallel and have an overall similar experience. The interface will update accordingly depending on which is selected.

2) The remaining interface for selecting the make and model are very similar to the existing flow, but the required steps are spelled out in a very clear fashion.

3) The ability to change your search area is more prominent and less likely to be overlooked, but still outside the main flow of required steps.

4) The action button on each page is above the fold, an additional button can be added at the bottom of any page that gets too long, but the intention is that the main work of each page remains above the fold and scrolling is minimized.

5) What does differ is the ability to see the details of the selected car on the search page, prior to continuing on with a selection. So as the user selects different options, the 'photos', 'specifications', and 'reviews' can be seen in context of the selection. In the old flow all of these details required several clicks past the selection, so if the details were not desirable the user had to start at the beginning and go through the flow again.

6) Indicates below the fold.

7) The original search page(s) are split between entering your zip code and...

8) the actual make and model selection. Note the confusion of the steps, and how each page claims to be the 'choose your new car' step. As does the following page where the car is configured.

Original New Car and Model Selector Pages