Zag Multiple Partner Platform Baseline Usability Study
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Home Page Redesign Wireframe - Initial State

Wireframe of Home Page Redesign

1) The entire process is clarified up front. The user can click on one of the buttons and be taken to the page for a preview prior to having actually gone through the process to get there. Obviously some indication that only test data is populating the screen and directions on what step(s) are required to get to that page in actuality would be required. This creates a totally transparent experience. ( Upon rollover a full description of each step is revealed. See next screen for rollover state.

2) Most users were interested in being able to make comparisons to other sites, allowing them to save their selections into their personal account makes it easy for them to come back and continue where they left off.

3) Separating out the secondary navigation allows the site flow to be emphasized and the process more clear. (see the global nav on next page) Two additional tabs have been added, a customer service page where users can get information about the car buying process, and a consumer protection page where customers can get third party car buying consumer information.

4) Background image and value proposition

5) No need to 'enter' the site to get started, the process is spelled out so what action to take is clearly identified. The home page is all about educating the user on the process and benefits of the site.

Original Home Page Design