Zag Multiple Partner Platform Baseline Usability Study
conducted independently © 2008 by Susan Oslin : (323) 664-3880 :

The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the analytical process involved is preparing, executing and evaluating the baseline usability study for and the subsequent recommended design changes. The data is displayed from right to left in chronological order of required tasks to complete the evaluation.

Starting at the far right is the material used in preparation of the test which includes the evaluator's credentials, the site map of the existing site at the time of the study, and preparatory materials: the test plan and test script.

All notes captured during the test are compiled and sorted by participant, task, and page view. Video has been captured of the screen for each test with an inset of the participants facial expressions. Video clips of the highlights of each participant's test will be prepared and included with the notes, they are not included at this time.

Each participant was asked to do a survey after review of the home page and at the completion of the test. These results have been diagramed along with a visual representation of the participant profiles. Each participant has been assigned a color with a corresponding color in the notes section for easy reference.

A heuristic evaluation of the site was done using the test results, highlighting major problems uncovered during the test.

Based on the data collected, the evaluation, and User Experience best practices high level recommendations have been made with a focus on the home page, the new and used car selection process, and the configurator. Minor suggestions have been made to the registration and certificate pages. Details such as the photos section; specifications section; body style, color, options and incentives have been omitted at this time due to budget and time constraints.

Two suggested personas, based directly on aggregate qualities and motivations of the participants have been have been created.