Zag Multiple Partner Platform Baseline Usability Study
conducted independently © 2008 by Susan Oslin : (323) 664-3880 :

Participant Task Page Notes Video
filmmaker Home Page Home sharp, clean, not too much clutter  
filmmaker Home Page Home if I knew exactly where I wanted to buy the car I could locate dealer, then goes on to say if he knew what car he wanted he would be able to use 'locate dealer' -- clear that he's not really sure what this is but thinks he has some idea  
filmmaker Home Page Home redeem benefits is vague would click later to find out more  
filmmaker Home Page Home thinks let us protect you is a warranty, then reads to realize its about benefits of site  
filmmaker New Car  Lowest Closest annoyed by lowest closest, wants to configure his car and this is an interruption Lowest_Closest
filmmaker New Car  Configurator selected style, then hit style button(overlay) didn't understand the overlay, confusing, is it different?   
filmmaker New Car  Configurator when in colors overlay is confused by button 'choose options', what options?  clicks on it and is overwhelmed, when picking color just wants to focus on picking color, keep the interface simple Choose_Color
filmmaker New Car  Configurator in options: didn't deselect one option when picking a package that includes previously selected options, lead to confusion regarding configuration and price, will the system charge twice or sort it out for him? Choose_Options
filmmaker New Car  Configurator price was lower than expected so he assumed he selected the wrong package, not that he was getting a huge discount, also the image is not reflecting the options he chose so not clear he picked the right package   
filmmaker New Car  Registration expects to see photo of his configured car, not stock FJ Cruiser  
filmmaker New Car  Comparable's Overlay doesn't care about comparable's and closes window  
filmmaker New Car  Certificate is familiar with dealership, feels good about being sent there  
filmmaker New Car  Certificate now sees discount and understands savings  
filmmaker New Car  Certificate when prompted to ask if he knew what the next step is, he searches the page notices financing --assumes financing is from dealer because its all on the same page where dealership is prominent and is not interested  
filmmaker New Car  Certificate assumes he will be contacted by the dealer because information was given, or he may use contact info to contact them himself, keeps looking at top of page at the left side of header image, a lot of focus on the word eligible, does not get printing and taking certificate to dealer,  when asks if there of instructions on the page he says not and suggests adding a button to contact the dealer    assumes car is on the lot, doesn't see instructions Next_Step
filmmaker Used Car User Car Search can't find FJ Cruiser, doesn't understand how to expand search, is only searching in a 25 mile radius, assumes no used FJ Cruiser is available  Used_Car_Failure
filmmaker Used Car Used Car Search suggested a 'tip' pop up to expand search when no results are found  
filmmaker Debrief   would prefer to use Toyota site for configuration, feels it has a better interface, but would come back to DYD for price, was impressed by below invoice price  
housewife Home Page Home likes everything before the fold, likes simplicity not overwhelmed with stuff, liked tabs and buttons  
housewife Home Page Finance   blank check page, feels too much text, isn't going to read it, likes clean and simple  
housewife Home Page Home   feels like purpose of this site is to do comparisons, then will go to dealer to make actual purchase  
housewife New Car  Model Selector likes model selector page- images and  pricing   
housewife New Car  Lowest/Closest lowest closest, thinks it a good idea likes to know will search for lower but feels like its an interruption wants it to happen after she has configured her car  
housewife New Car  Configurator successfully selected all the options w/o confusion; opened up overlay from colors and then went in sequence staying in the overlay  
housewife New Car  Comparable's Overlay why are they showing me other options? feels interrupted, should have option to click on comparable's Comparable's
housewife New Car  Certificate   why are they taking me across town to SM, typed in Glendale zip? wanted hybrid but didn't see option, why is a porsche in the header? Lexus_In_SM
housewife New Car  Certificate   not clear about pricing, if they go to the dealer are they going to get this price, why would dealer honor this price?  doesn't get the connect between web site and dealer, thought process was great information regarding pricing Connection_Not_Made
housewife New Car  Certificate   wanted hybrid, but didn't see option when configuring, does that mean not available through web site?  
housewife New Car  Certificate   why are they showing me a porsche (header image)  
housewife Used Car User Car Landing thrown off by entering search distance rather than choosing car (steps instruct to 1. choose car)  
housewife Used Car Used Car Search wants to be able to select model as well  
housewife Used Car Used Car Search when limits search by price, the make selector did not update  
housewife Used Car Used Car Detail was expecting more details, how many seats, does it have navigation, etc.  
housewife Used Car Used Car Detail from detail page hit back button in browser and when returned to search page, previous search not saved, now has to repeat steps to get back to chosen car  
housewife Used Car Used Car Detail when prompted to see if alternate way to return to previous search from details page, eventually sees it but feels it is too small, not obvious  
housewife Used Car Used Car Detail now sees details she was previously looking for under 'dealer notes', probably saw 'dealer notes' before but isn't interested in reading dealer notes would expect it to be called something else like 'options'  
housewife Used Car Certificate doesn't understand used car benefits, still wants to know connection to dealers, is reading instructions and questioning confirm discounted price, again wants to know is it really discounted if so how, if it really is she would definitely use this site Used_Car_Benefits
banker Home Page Home one stop shop that ties into many new and used dealerships, can get financing too  
banker Home Page Home compares to carmax, similar to carmax  in the way it locates your car, but is broader because it ties into manufacturers database to verify stock  
banker Home Page Home feels like site is designed to make the process as simple as possible  
banker Used Car Used Car Landing looking at instructions 1. choose your car but doesn't see where to choose, misleading because actually need to enter zip Choose_Your_Car
banker Used Car Used Car Search looking for particular car, but doesn't see, after prompting expands search, but goes back to landing page to expand search  
banker Used Car Used Car Search doesn't see it at 300, after prompting see area to expand on page and expands to nationwide  
banker Used Car Used Car Search using overlay to do preliminary comparison to narrow choices before going to 'more details'  
banker Used Car Used Car Detail on the details page looking for where to go next, wants more info like where is the car, clicking on contact dealer because no where else to go but wants to know WHERE the car is before contacting dealer Adverse
banker Used Car Registration still wanting info on car, not ready to give contact information, assumes info is being given to the dealer, might continue with bogus info to see what's next, security off to left and didn't see it, wouldn't give actual information  
banker Used Car Certificate turns out car is located in NJ, search page said 700 miles  
banker Used Car Certificate next steps: print page, have a conversation  with dealer about car to see if worth pursuing, then assumes only option to move forward on the site is to look for financing or go back to home page  
banker Used Car Certificate where do you go from here if not interested in their financing, wants to be able to save search  
banker New Car  Configurator no discounted pricing available overlay, didn't seem to register and continues to configure car  
banker New Car  Configurator has configured car, steps says locate dealer, but button says 'price your car', he wants to locate the car but assumes getting a price quote will find the car, not what he wants but no other option Price_Quote_Locator
banker New Car  Multiple Dealer   on multiple dealer page, now knows where to go to see the car because several dealers listed, reluctant to 'get quote' just wants to go see the car  
banker New Car  Multiple Dealer
Thank You
now really confused, page doesn't have contact info for dealer, no opt to print page, only options are to apply for financing -- doesn't want financing or search for other vehicle  
banker Debrief   site makes a lot of assumptions, felt being pulled in blindly, you needed a lot more information along the way, waiting for the phone to ring thinking about salesmen calling, doesn't see this as circumventing sales process but accelerates it,  
banker Debrief   Feels like feeding a lot of information to dealer, just waiting for the phone to ring, doesn't feel like it circumvents dealer at all, only exacerbates it  
banker Debrief   some of the features on this web site, like configuring the car and locating the dealer can be done on man. site; the advantage here is that you has access to full array of manufacturers--does not get business model  
banker Debrief   asked if he was going to save money using this site; he say ironically he was just thinking about going to manufacturers site to compare price  
entrepreneur Home Page Home bright easy to read, simple easy to use  
entrepreneur Home Page Home read 'let us protect you' and understands that deals are worked out in advance so she doesn't have to deal with dealer  
entrepreneur Home Page Home wonders what 'redeem benefits' is  
entrepreneur Home Page Home   intrigued by getting an actual discounted price online without talking to a dealer  
entrepreneur Used Car Used Car Landing a lot to look at, doesn't know where to go first Used_Car_Landing
entrepreneur Used Car Used Car Landing looks at 'used car value package' first, then the step image, then the step description on left, then sees main title and sub title instruction,  left text box with more instructions seems unrelated to area to enter in information  
entrepreneur Used Car Used Car Search want to see less of the interface for information entry and more screen space with actual results  
entrepreneur Used Car Used Car Search got mileage and price confused, sees that cars are listed from lowest to highest price but is trying to sort out how to organize the entire list, doesn't consider narrowing search by entering more search parameters  
entrepreneur Used Car Used Car Search double clicked on a car: opened overlay and closed right away  
entrepreneur Used Car User Car Search found a car she's interested in but doesn't know where to go, doesn't know what 'contact dealer' means so goes back to used car landing page to get instructions, tries the 'learn more' in the benefits section doesn't get info on process she is looking for; reluctantly goes back to 'contact us' on overlay Used_Car_Next_Step
entrepreneur Used Car Used Car Overlay not clear what contact this dealer is on overlay, will it bypass the DYD service, or is there still some connection  
entrepreneur Used Car Registration instructions on registration page REALLY unclear; not totally comfortable but curious enough to continue; wonders where info is going  
entrepreneur Used Car Certificate now that she is complete, not sure what was special about this site, seems similar to others What's Special
entrepreneur Used Car Certificate looks further, reads about benefits, clicks on 'learn more', eventually figures our what benefits are and how to redeem  
entrepreneur Used Car Certificate understands has received guaranteed price at this dealer and will get benefits but doesn't understand all the benefits  
entrepreneur New Car  Model Selector doesn't want to find body type first, just wants to type in prius, takes some tries to find the prius  
entrepreneur New Car  Lowest Closest searches for lowest price, looks at savings tab, puzzled, trying to figure out what this is; ends up clicking 'price this car with options' which is what she wanted in the first place -- didn't find this helpful, was distracted and ignored it when she got back to configurator, it definitely did not sink in  
entrepreneur New Car  Configurator confused by the choose options button, doesn't care about color doesn't want to be limited any color choice, just want best price in any color Choose_Color
entrepreneur New Car  Configurator was surprised that price went down, she thought lowest/closest picked the lowest price, then realizes that she chose a less expensive style and that lowest/closest assumed high end  
entrepreneur New Car  Comparable's Overlay was expecting a comparison and ended up with alternate car, what happened to the selected car? no way to get back in browser(since opened up another tab, back button not enabled) really frustrated that original car was lost and believes she has to start all over, does not see initial tab until prompted  
entrepreneur New Car  Certificate after prompting and returning to prius certificate page, wants to 'find another car', surprised to end up on new/used page, would be nice to be able to compare several cars, didn't see any where to do comparisons  
entrepreneur New Car  Trade-In sees 'trade-in' link on new/used page she had seen this earlier and noted to do it later, then didn't know where she had seen it or how to get back to it  
entrepreneur New Car  Trade-In will this trade in information be kept by system and will it also be guaranteed? to find out she goes through new car flow again to see if certificate page makes note of trade-in value  
entrepreneur Debrief   not confident she got lowest price possible, not clear what lowest price is based on (what is business model that allows for lower pricing?), would go to other sites, do more research to determine what is lowest price  
professional Home Page Home good use of white space, colors, graphics, good font size, disclaimer too small  
professional New Car  New Car Landing font too small on left, should feature the simplicity of the steps 1,2,3  
professional New Car  Model Selector asked to select body type, expects to select model, just a comment is fine with it, just unexpected  
professional New Car  Lowest Closest raises suspicion, too early in process for 'price finder' to be asking to contact a dealer when haven't even finished selecting car  
professional New Car  Configurator doesn't know the difference between the many styles, wants to be able to get more information, thinks he can get more info by clicking 'all styles', but doesn't find any  Looking_For_Styles
professional New Car  Configurator still looking for more info on various style, looks up at 'Specifications' tab, comments on how hard to wee white on gray  
professional New Car  Configurator still looking, clicks on 'Technical Specs' and 'Features', comments on the fact that they are specific to Civic Sedan (page title), not the model thinks that these tabs are not yet complete  
professional New Car  Configurator no back button to return to 'Price with Options' tab, clicks on FF back button, but wants it in the interface  
professional New Car  Configurator expects to get something different between the on page 'options' and 'incentives' and the overlay, expects more information in the overlay  
professional New Car  Registration  would not put information in, would go get comparative data from other sites, might put in partial info name and email, would feel comfortable giving info if knew more info about what happens to it or if he has been referred to site by trusted source Contact_Info
professional New Car  Comparable's Overlay why look at comparable's,  just went through process for honda, honda's not even on this screen? asking to lock in price, what price? closes window Comparable's
professional New Car  Certificate purpose is tell who will call or gives option to call them, instructions way too difficult to read, too small  
professional New Car  Certificate what works is price below invoice, should be much more obvious, this is about saving money, you want people to feel good about it  
professional Used Car Used Car Landing being asked to choose car by steps and page title, but no where to choose a car; thinks he's being asked to choose dealer, doesn't understand being asked to put in 'his' zip code(could be confusing because cache not cleared from pervious participant who happens to have same zip code)  
professional Used Car Used Car Search this one is different has you choose make and model as opposed to body style  
professional Used Car Used Car Search searching on price, then scanning mileage  
professional Used Car Used Car Search would like a way to narrow search by mileage  
professional Used Car Used Car Detail looking for more details, for example interior color  
professional Used Car Used Car Detail likes price big and bold, easy to read, likes gas mileage, easy to read and stands out  
professional Used Car Registration again, since don't know who the dealer is would limit info, would be helpful to know what info is absolutely necessary  
professional Used Car Registration not sure who this info is going to, interprets disclaimer at bottom to be saying info could be going to any dealer in SoCal