Zag Multiple Partner Platform Baseline Usability Study
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Wanda the Wary

Personal Profile

A former real estate broker, Wanda is now happy making a home for her family. She and her husband Matt are planning for their next child. Before their next one arrives they want to purchase a more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient family vehicle. Matt and Wanda have agreed that the purchase of the new vehicle will be her responsibility. She's not yet sure what kind of vehicle she wants to buy and needs to be able to compare a variety of makes and models.

Wanda's a smart cookie and savvy. She wants the best value at the best price and is willing to take the time to do the research to ensure that she gets it. Because "Nobody's going to get the best of her", she plans to do research at a variety of sites and dealers before making any decisions so she'll be returning to the site with her comparisons. She wants to be able to pick up where she left off and make comparisons easily and quickly.

What Wanda needs most is a site that is easy to use with a clearly defined process. She needs to be able to control how her information is distributed and will become suspicious quickly if things are not laid out in an obvious and transparent way. Gaining and keeping her trust will be key to her returning to make her purchase through

User Goals

Wanda comes to the site to...
  • learn about available types of makes and models in her price range
  • learn about the options of those makes/models
  • research safety features, fuel efficiency, maintenance plans
  • configure several cars and compare pricing
  • be able to save her selections and return at a later date
  • compare information on this site to related sites
  • take this information to a local dealer to compare further
  • if she determines truly offers the best price she might come back to purchase through this service

Business Objectives

Zag wants Wanda to...
  • engage with the sales rep when called
  • come back to the site after comparing other sites, and additional research
  • get to the certificate page
  • take the certificate to the selected dealer
  • purchase the car
  • tell her friends what a great experience she had
  • come back to buy her next car

Personal Information

Profession: Housewife and mother

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 36

Home life: Married to Matt, a software consultant. Wanda and Matt have 1 son, 18 months, and are planning a second child in the next year. They live in a 3 bedroom house in a trendy, but mostly quiet and family oriented neighborhood.

Hobbies: Aerobics, independent film production, writing, fashion

Favorite TV shows: The Carson Daily Show, Extreme Makeover, Project Runway

Personality: Friendly, conversational, well traveled, particular, only wants the best, socially conscious, appearance is important

Auto Buying Information

Household Income: $88,000

Credit Score: 680

Purchase timeframe: 3-6 months

Reason for Purchase: current car is more than 6 years old, wants a more environmentally fuel efficient vehicle that has room for a family of four

Current Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sienna, husband drives a 2004 Saab 93

Internet Usage

Computer Experience: has owned her own computer for 8 years

Primary Uses: information gathering, exploring, shopping, photos

Hours per week online: 6-10

Computer: iMac, high-speed internet