Zag Multiple Partner Platform Baseline Usability Study
conducted independently © 2008 by Susan Oslin : (323) 664-3880 :

Susan Oslin

Susan's passion for providing creative solutions that problem solve business and brand objectives as well as technical constraints offers a solid foundation to her development as a User Experience Architect. Her broad range of experience in design, development and marketing, together with her gift for grasping the big picture, while simultaneously being able to work out the details of execution, make her an exceptional creative analyst.

Susan has over 17 years in digital media production. 8 of those years have been focused in marketing communications with a specialty in interactive design and development. A keen listener with a rapid ability to size up a client's needs, Susan has been successfully delivering brand targeted marketing collateral to her own client's at MMM Creative since January of 2002.

Consistent with Susan's entrepreneurial spirit and ambition, she has taken on this self-directed Usability Study for her own career growth. Following is a list of resources used in the development of this study and subsequent report:

  • Handbook of Usability Testing, Jeffrey Rubin and Dana Chisnell
  • The User Is Always Right: A Guide to Creating and Using Personas for the Web, Steve Molder and and Ziv Yaar
  • The Elements of User Experience, Jesse James Garret
  • Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld
  • Designing Web Usability, Jacob Nielsen
  • Mapping Web Sites, Paul Kahn and Krzysztof Lenk
  • Beautiful Evidence, Edward Tufte
  • Don't Make Me Think, Steve Krug
  • Los Angeles User Experience Meetup

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