Our brand promise
A rekindled passion for your entrepreneurial vision

Creator to creator


"I want people to get excited about the power of their brand and to own it. I want them to speak confidently about their creations – the message being so clear and enticing that their customers are drawn like a magnet."

- Susan Oslin

The creative journey from the core to the perimeter – from concept to execution – is not always a straight shot down a well-lit road. To remain fluid yet true to the core vision is key. So we listen first, objectively. Then we provide fresh insight and strategic thinking designed to enhance and illumine your own vision.

Through our discovery process, we distill your core message and clarify your brand strategy to create marketing and creative solutions that resonate with the heart of your business and the hearts of your clients, buyers, and brand loyalists.

By background, experience and passionate personal commitment we provide vision and guidance that emanates from the same "reative core" you operate from and that you wish to see reflected in your company's marketing.

Establishing a baseline
You can expect...

...positioning – your own niche carved by demonstrating your unique value and distinguishing your company from competitors

...brand recognition driven by the soul-identity of your company that resonates deeply with your target, attracting the perfect clientele

...a consistent and professional image fully integrated throughout all your printed and electronic materials

...to increase awareness, credibility and sales

Leaping beyond the basics
As a creative, designer, or visionary business owner, you create from your own imagination and risk jumping into the unknown. Daily. What matters most to you is your passion and your vision.

So relax and concentrate on what you do best – creating – we're here to provide a comprehensive marketing solution. We look at where you are, but most importantly at where you're headed. Not only will we position you to get there – we'll guide you every step of the way as your growth accelerates and your vision unfolds..

We do what works for you within your budget to grab your target head on. Our secure client extranet allows you and your stakeholders to track your project's progress; we take time to explain the possibilities and limitations of cutting edge technologies; and we personally supervise your print production. At MMM we consistently ask, "How can we make this easier for you? How can we support you in reaching your business goals?"