Level 0 :: Market Positioning
Primary to building a brand is developing a market position.

We do this by understanding the needs and wants of your market segment, identifying your closest competitors and then determining your competitive advantage. With in-depth research and analysis of both internal and external conditions affecting your company's success, we clarify what distinguishes you in the market place and build a brand strategy around that core strength.

A brand strategy greatly strengthens your position in the market -and clarifies a vision for your company, a focal point from which your core strength can grow every molecule of your business.

Level 1 :: Brand Identity
Forward thinking entrepreneurs understand the value of brand identity and embrace the power of graphic design to set themselves apart.

Brand identity telegraphs what distinguishes you from the competition - what makes you more sophisticated, contemporary or socially conscience... Essential words and images reveal the heart and soul of your designs in an instant. It's a logo and tagline but so much more - it's how you answer the phone, the way your sales reps dress, the design of your line sheets, your invoices, and the 'experience' of your brand at every customer touch point.

True brand identity creates a single emotional association with your product to entice - and retain - your target market.

Level 2 :: Print Collateral
Designing strategic intent into every piece of your print collateral attracts prospects, retains customers and propels sales.

A consistent look, feel and message on all your printed materials (as well as on signage, advertisements, in-store or showroom décor) convey stability, professionalism and sustains recognition.

Level 3 :: Web Presence
Without a powerful Internet presence, your business does not exist in the minds of modern, web savvy customers. Websites are now as basic as having a phone line and business cards.

Whether you start with a simple brochure site, or give your entire product line Internet visibility. we take care of all the details for you: acquiring your domain name, setting up the website hosting and email accounts, and coding your site to make it search engine-ready.

We'll also build any of the 'extras' you may wish to include such as video, blogs, e-newsletters or content management systems. Then we take the time to teach you how to manage and operate them. And we're always available to support you along the way.

Level 4 :: Ecommerce
An electronic store is always open so in addition to its niche-defining duties, your website can generate revenue by acting as a sales portal 24/7.

There’s a big difference between a website that gives you an online presence and one that serves as an active sales and marketing engine. We work with specialists, including database programmers and search engine marketers who understand the complexities of doing business on the web, and develop a customized turn-key e-commerce solution that meets all of your specific needs.

At MMM Creative we consider your intended audience and ask “How would they want to shop?” A wholesale buyer expects a different type of experience with different functionality than a consumer. We design our sites accordingly, focused on creating a convenient, well-planned user experience.

Level 5 :: Online Brand Immersion
Create your own ecosphere with video, sound, animation and energetically reveal your brand with the multi-sensory experience of Rich media.

Fashion, Design and Photography are visual mediums of expression. And buyers and consumers alike want to ‘see’ information organized in engaging and visually appealing ways. Movement adds interest, sound creates emotion, and interactivity creates engagement. The use of live footage or audio interviews creates an emotional association with your brand, a relationship of trust and dependability that you deliver on your brand promise.

Increase customer loyalty, boosts sales cycles and profitability by letting customers experience as much of you and your product as possible with the use of Rich media.